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When you engage in understanding & being the Energetic Essence  that you are in this  Physical reality, you will be able to clear, replenish , rebuild and shift your HEalth on all levels in the most Organic way. The  entire mechanics of HEaling Body, Mind and Spirit follow the pattern below. Exclusion of any part renders shallow healing.


  Blood follows Qi( Energy)


 Qi follows the Mind( Survival or thriving Mind)

  Mind follows the Spirit ( Universal laws, God, Source)

 Spirit Returns to the TAO ( our being, essence: Oneness with source )




QIGONG is a highly effective healing practice of  the BREATH that dates back about 5000 years.It is also known as a self healing Martial Arts discipline.

Qi(chi) is the Chinese word for energy  force that permeates all living things, great and small. It  also refers to the breath in Chinese energy medicine. Since the breath holds our deepest patterns and is the key to ease or dis-ease, most of us in this fast going linear world need to relearn how to breathe  in order to recover the freshness, tranquility and innocence of life before all trauma distorted our perception. A quiet mind is required to capitalize on using our intention to direct the flow of energy. In other words, we are consciously cultivating through the breath the presence and quality of  our experiences. Gong(gung) is  the discipline, the work or benefits reaped through the practice of cultivating healthy qi.

545542_497005133645438_345946737_nAbundance of qi is great, but the quality of it is what allows us to open internal spaces within our consciousness so we can externally manifest our heart’s desire in our physical existence. The distribution of Qi is essential to the health and harmony of our body mind dynamic . The practice of QIGONG, in both yin and yang modes regulates the flows of energy within the body that can breed disease when QI is in excess or deficient. There are many flow and dynamic movements as well as varied ways of breathing implemented mostly in subtle ways to facilitate the arrival of qi and the presence of the  TAO through our connectedness to all forces of nature. There are many different types of breathing for different purposes. The purpose of the breath, besides granting us life force  can be summed up as the DAO YIN breathing identifies them :


EMPOWER YOUR DEFENSIVE/WEI QI (Immune & Protective Energy) as you breathe out emotional baggage



THE WIND PHASE : this type of breathing is also known as High Breathing or Clavicle Breathing. It only fills the upper portion of the Lungs. It  seriously is  the worst pattern of respiration that an individual can practice


THE GASP PHASE: This type of breathing is also known as Middle Breathing or Intercostal breathing. It only fills  the middle and a portion of the upper aspect of the lungs.


THE UNBALANCED AIR PHASE: known as lower breathing or abdominal breathing and only fills up the lower and middle portions of the lungs.


THE QUIESCENT PHASE: Also known as coherent or inactive breathing. It would be similar to a sleeping baby’s breath.



THE LIVER, THE GENERAL AS THE SEAT OF ANGER: in excess, the respiratory  Pattern is shallow.


THE HEART , THE LIFE GIVER AS THE SEAT OF JOY/SADNESS AND SHOCK: for joy and sadness, the breath can be moderate and irregular.

For SHOCK: the breath stops immediately.


THE SPLEEN, THE NURTURER AS THE SEAT OF WORRY: In excess, the breath is quite shallow and weak.


THE LUNGS THE PROTECTOR AS THE SEAT OF GRIEF: in excess, the breath is broken, choppy and obstructed.


THE KIDNEYS  THE WILL AND FOUNDATION OF INNER STRENGTH AS THE SEAT OF FEAR: the respiratory pattern is fast, quite shallow and held in the lungs.

An emotion, however can reside in any part of the body regardless of its natural seat. It is the practitioner’s responsibility to allow pure communication  with no preconceived notions when treating clients in order to clear the emotion by disrupting the blueprint or the ENERGY PATTERN  that created the struggle. When the shift occurs, the client is better able to take charge of his / her life and create more nurturing ways of being that promote joy.



QIGONG exercises and meditation use the mind to direct the flow of energy. The bio electrical currents that flow through our meridian system are what stimulate bone growth, muscle movement and immune function…  Like acupuncture but more spiritually connected , QIGONG regulates our Qi status  and is activated  through the meridian system that acts as pathways transporting nutritive energy to where it is needed. There are many other vital energy centers and gateways that will be covered in depth in  Medical Qigong. For example, the three main Elixir fields of Health  in Chinese Energy Medicine are: the Jing(sexual Energy), the Qi (blood)and the Shen(spirit). It is through the TAO(the way), the study of the heart and not so much the intellectual discussions what makes Qigong the most organic and holistic self-healing practice ever. Master the art of being in present time, truly connected to all and reap the internal alchemy that transforms all negativity into magic on this Earth !

Both standing and sitting Meditations are a big part of Qigong practices.

Session Cost:$150. Sessions go from 50 minutes to one hour. All Payments need to be made at least 3 days prior to session.

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