JEANETTE is a  Soulful Master Health Activator, Awakener and Cell Rejuvenator who
specialises in  Human Expansiveness, Functional Medicine & is A METAPHYSICAL TEACHER,
COUNSELLOR, HEALER, AND SPEAKER. Through her deep understanding of the Mechanics of Healing, Jeanette taps into your Blueprint and  the quantum field to reconnect, balance the body and redirect the  survival mind away from distorted beliefs & into into a thriving mind that
serves your unique expression of source in this physical reality.

Jeanette also extends her gifts through all her classes, sessions, seminars and talks.
Here is a bit about her story.

About Jeanette

Jeanette is a natural born healer,  teacher and mystic whose journey consciously began in 1996 when she arrived in Perth from war torn Lebanon. Prior to Perth, Jeanette had had countless mystical experiences that have assisted her and others to heal and believe in something much higher than an ordinary awareness. Those outer body and mystical experiences kept her going in the face of real terror, abuse and death. She knew on many Levels that  her service  involved  entering and understanding the cycles of Death & Resurrection , Loss and Renewal as her young heart inwardly cried  when  she witnessed unspeakable atrocities towards herself &  those around her. One of the most significant apparitions was when a  very young Jeanette  was  shown by  Saint Therese of Lisieux herself as an adult with only side vision. At the time, Jeanette could not understand why  she was blind in the vision  but  remembers walking to school for 3 days in a row with an amazing gold light  that healed her  very sick lungs. Despite Jeanette’s  non religious upbringing, this beautiful saint also showed her Jeanette as a baby and all the traumas that had taken place  after as it was too painful for Jeanette to access at that point. Jeanette did end up losing her central vision soon after she came to Perth.

Prior to Getting married and coning to Perth, Jeanette had been involved in teaching . After competing her Masters degree  in Applied linguistics from the Institute of Education, University of London, she went on to teach English , American literature and Academic writing at the American University of Beirut and the Lebanese American College.  for few years. Jeanette was a school teacher before going into higher education. Her interest in the Force behind words, shifted her  focus  from classroom situations to media coverage and forensic linguistics. Jeanette abandoned  pursuing her  Doctorate in Forensic Linguistics when she moved to Perth , Western Australia. As life had it there was no college offering  higher studies in that field.  it was time to shift again.

Since Perth offered a safe place for Jeanette’s life to unravel; it was clearly time for her to look at some very deep wounds that had by then contaminated her thoughts about her inner reality. Those very thoughts had gone to create more terror, severe anxiety and many distorted emotions which resulted in many mysterious illnesses and the loss of Jeanette’s sight.  Whilst all this was taking place, her marriage also came to an end and she found herself in a country with no family, friends, career health, finances and most importantly self-love.

Jeanette’s journey into her soulful Heart was triggered by the desire to change her life and that of all children, big or small. . She so wanted her little girl to move through life knowing anything is possible when we reconnect to our own essence and disengage from the so many illusions we create from a distorted perception.

Jeanette’s work revolves around empowering her clients and friends to break free from perceived or self-imposed victimization and embrace the infinite daily miracles born from re-connecting with the Source of Oneness. Only then, we can move into the highest vibration possible: JOY.

Like a Spider weaving its web from the inside out, Jeanette has learnt everything by means of the internal in order to expand and navigate her external world.

This Soul maturity of Jeanette’s  &  her deep & authentic  connectedness to the practices of the TAO, rather than just theory dwellings,  have refined and evolved her wok n such a way were one can truly experience massive shifts in consciousness Health and Joy after being  n her workshops or sessions.

Jeanette, effortlessly integrates mysticism, spirituality, consciousness, and neuroscience & quantum physics in all her practices as she recognizes they are one. Jeanette truly has a very deep and intense insight into The Mechanics of the Body, Mind and Soul,  away from any airy fairy  controlling notions about the nature of well being,

Jeanette has had massive training in self-healing Martial arts, Meditative Arts, Chinese Energy Medicine, Shamanic and breath work practices. She also has certified in many healing modalities based on quantum physics, neuroscience and has merged them with the true teachings of the Thriving ETERNAL TAO. Not the Tao of concepts but rather the insightful and experiential WAY!

When we understand the laws of the universe and step away from the old story, we can co- create a life aligned with who we are and shine through our own unique signature. In this world, there is no competition or comparison as the source of who you are will mirror back at you all the new founded love, wealth, meaningful and joyful success you have allowed in just by Being You.

Jeanette has healed herself from many illnesses traditional medicine could not help with. She now is well and is well known by many, despite working quietly,, for her ability to assist her clients in changing their DNA and RNA to that of Thriving. 

There is so much  vulnerability and  honesty about Jeannette’s  interactions with   those who seek her services and advice. Service is the highest value  and the force behind all that she shares so generously. well, it is the kind of presence you cannot describe but certainly must experience as it comes through her voice, mannerisms and her entire being.


Let it go, let it Go, Let it go and let the infinite possibilities for you begin.


With love and Gratitude,

Giselle P Andersen & Mark. S





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