Crystal Healing Therapy:  No Airy Fairy  stuff!


Through intention, attention and the understanding of the healing  mechanics of our body, mind and spirit, Crystals are a big part of my  healing practice unless the client requests not to have them physically

The core of the Earth is a giant crystal. Since our physical body carries the same electromagnetic energy of the earth, and for health and vitality we need to be aligned with our essence in this life,so do  the minerals  contained within the crystals.Because of our emotional body and the initial separation from the WHOLE, our physical body tends to lose a lot of .the life giving minerals, calmness, joy, stillness  and simplicity, ( originally our crystalline essence) throughout our life’s lessons. Crystals, however, have managed to maintain their own elixir of health and divinity which is a blessing for many of us who appreciate and  utilize  their value on all healing levels.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               * Amethyst, the restorative crystal

Wren we re-align our physical energy with our essence in this life time, which is the Earth and its elements, then we are plugging into much more health, connectedness and vitality. Like us, crystals have their unique  healing properties and minerals to energize, calm, restore and clear our energy system.

If the body’s own innate wisdom requires crystals, then my part as a practitioner is to find which ones are needed and when and  how they need to be  used for optimal results. It is  vital that crystals are cleared before and  after they are used. If programming is needed, then that is the way to go. The positioning of the crystals also plays a big role. It is worth noting that once we are truly connected to our essence, we tend to  carry the CRYSTAL energies and bring them through in the healing without the need for their physical presence. It should also be noted that crystals can be warm or cold, Yin or Yang as there are many misconceptions about healing being warm or hot. The cool aspect is the clearing and is mighty powerful as there is no point energizing a cluttered or blocked space.

We can study all we like about CRYSTALS, but the intuitive guidance that we receive through our subtle senses, clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience has served me and my clients way better than any studies I have done on these beautiful stones. Allow yourselves to reconnect with the transformational healing vibrations of CRYSTALS  by taking notice of the many gems our Earth has provided us with and let us return, with a deeper recognition and acknowledgement to our essence..


bigstock-Hands-Offering-Quartz-Crystal-6827204*Clear Quartz, the Purifier

*Detox your liver , skin & Kidneys with Peridot




Clients who have had  Crystal Healing sessions with Jeanette have said it felt like a physical and emotional detoxification. Jeanette conducts  Sessions weekly through the Breath Force Energy Healing Space which is located in Applecross, Western Australia.


CRYTSTAL HEALING Sessions cost: $150 per session. Sessions last an hour. .All payments are to be made three days prior to the appointment.



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