Blood follows Qi ( Energy)



 Qi follows the Mind ( Survival or thriving Mind)


  Mind follows the Spirit ( Universal laws, God, Source)

 Spirit Returns to the TAO ( our being essence: Oneness with source )


We all know that everything is ENERGY from the grasshopper to the wind. Since energy follows the law of attraction and matter follows energy, then it is time to awaken from the illusion of separation that keeps us out of the realm of daily miracles. In essence energy is neither positive nor negative, and the force or effect  of it is determined by its vibrational range and frequency.




Both subtle and electromagnetic energy form the dynamic infrastructure of our physical body. This energy moves through, maintaining movement and opening spaces within the body to go beyond limitations. In its nature, Energy is both Yin and Yang, cool and warm feminine and masculine,, active and receptive, clearing and energizing. This understanding plays a vital role in Energy medicine practices. The flow, balance  and crossing over of Qi is a major component of every energy  practice. Using our intention to direct the flow of Qi is pivotal . Where  our INTENT goes ENERGY follows. After all, it is through awareness that the life force arrives. It is that kind of energy  we know as our bio electric currents that  control our NERVOUS SYSTEM( our brain , 5 sense & perceptions of reality) which in turn  stimulate bone growth, muscle movement, cell tissue and immune function , :…  (see Qigong practices)

In Chinese energy Medicine Energy is classified into seven categories:

1.Breath Qi: from respiration

2.Food Qi: Gu Qi from our Food/Diet

3.Original Qi: (ancestral, inherited from parents or the universe)

4. Internal Qi: all Energy within the body

5.External Qi: the energy emanating from our body

6. Nutritive Qi: the Energy that flows within our meridian system

7.  Wei QI or Protective QI: it is the Energy that acts as a barrier from external pathogens ( physical, emotional, climatic and electromagnetic)

Energy Medicine covers a whole range of practices including Chinese Energy medicine, food Qi, breath work, Shamanic Soul recovery journeys, energy anatomy , sound and color therapies, chakra, endocrine and organ balancing, meditation and intuition refinement . Through these practices, we can tap into the energy anatomy to read the body, balance it and treat different conditions. The approach  also involves the study of acupuncture points in the body .However, we do not use needles. Instead we use certain fingers and  points on the palms  to release any blockages and replenish any depletion in the areas affected. In  Energy Medicine, we do not treat one part of the body as an isolated case. The holistic approach allows us to tap into the whole body ranging from the physical to the spiritual. Our focus is also on building strength in the adrenals and teaching the individual how to maintain balance within their energy system in the most organic way for optimal health. As far as Chinese Energy Medicine is concerned, most of the practices at BREATH FORCE ENEERGY HEALING are based mostly on Taoist Medical and spiritual  methods of health and healing. But most importantly, the understanding of how theses methods came about is crucial in any holistic approach to healing.. Those amazing Taoist shamans, over 5000 years ago  watched and observed nature and all its forces. They studied through observation and experience how animals, trees, and all living thing breathe and move. In doing so, they provided us with deeper insights into the function and well being of  our energy anaomy. Those amazing true masters had mapped out th internal flows of the body for us. Now we know that our physical body mimics our essence in this Life, the EARTH and its ELEMENTS. For example, the water in our kidneys and bladder, the wood element of birth and expansion in  our liver and gallbladder… As we move to a deeper understanding of the forces of nature that we embody within our physical construct, then this connectedness will allow us to transform our spiritual strength and unique abilities into flow, joyful success and vitality on this earth plane. This is where we need to address the following:

THE EIGHT EXTRAORDINARY VESSELS:  Our pathways into living with  Joy

The Eight extraordinary vessels  are subtle , deeper flows or  circuits that contain our genetic predispositions / markers, spiritual experiences and vitalities. They  are not fixed like the meridians and are held within our  ancient spirit (being), the SHEN aspect of the body .Because of their deeper intelligence,these radiant flows tend to know where they are needed. When freed from blockages (on all levels), they allow us to access, through the experiential balancing  our past, present and future possibilities. The Eight extraordinary vessels open us up to joy by reducing struggle.  Whilst these channels come up in almost every session I do regardless of the modality, I would not recommend teaching them to those who are not involved in Qigong or Tai Chi practices .Studying them from a book or even a great teacher will only assist the individual on  a shallow and mental level. Since this work is meant to be holistic, the experiential practice and  openings of these flows through spiritual and medical Qigong carry much more electricity and transformation  than sheer philosophy.



Chong Mai

Dai Mai

Yin Chiao Mai

Yang Chiao Mai

Yin Wei Mai

Yang Wei Mai



In summary, the Eight extraordinary Vessels are Unique because of the following qualities:

  • They are a much  older system than the 12 meridians
  • They tend to flow upward  from the deeper channels of the earth
  • They do not have  fixed point, but few anchor  or master points with the exception of the Ren Mai and Du Mai
  • They Provide a deep reservoir for qi( life force) and Xue ( blood)
  • They intersect with the meridians but do not  connect directly to the organs
  •  They divide, connect and define the body along cardinal planes
  • They provide a much deeper insight into our energetic system




The aspects of life  needing to be synthesized  everyday depend on the flow of Qi in the meridians through the daily cycle called the CHINESE CLOCK.. Each meridian has its own time and movement (flow) in order to process life’s events through the organs’ unique consciousness.

For example, the Liver, being the biggest major organ in the body that regulates the free flow of Qi has its own role. Being the seat of Anger, the liver urges us to look beyond the perceptions we have  bought into and access our souls urges for expansion and freedom to occur. it is also about organization, planning, processing muscle strength and flexibility, vision and so much more.



MU/WOOD                                                    JIN/  METAL                                              TU/  EARTH


WATER /SHUI                                                                                   HUO/ FIRE







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