When we can observe how we are thinking, feeling & doing, then we can change the  firing & wiring of the Brain to forge new neural pathways, sequences & patterns away from the perceptions born in the limitations of our old story& towards a thriving & fully expressive self.  


Let go of the limiting ,  repetitive Energy patterns & move into a deeper understanding of your own psyche.

Are you willing to surrender the victim & allow your authentic self to be in the driver seat?


Regression therapy is a very gentle practice that involves the breath to facilitate a meditative state ranging between the alpha, more alert but relaxed state(8 -12 Hz) to theta, the deeper meditative brainwaves where the buried and subconscious memories lie(4 -8 Hz) . . It is within our subconscious mind that most of our patterns  are held. We often express and try to achieve  with the best  of intentions certain things in life, but find ourselves stuck in a repetitive cycle often leading to anger, depression and unfulfilment.


Regression practices are  based on the truth that all we experience on any plane of existence is recorded in our cellular memory through our mind.   Unless we release those subconscious patterns that keep creating lack, unworthiness, lack of trust in relationships and many more, then we really have not changed our minds or vibrations to attract new  ways of being that help us THRIVE.The three levels or facets of the mind are:

1. The Conscious mind symbolizes  what we do. It is responsible for logic and problem solving.
2. The Subconscious mind symbolizes the storage  of our belief systems and memories. It  is responsible for the automatically triggered feelings and emotions that we suddenly experience upon embarking upon  a new situation. For example starting a new job or giving a speech. Our fear ad anxiety  are in fact launched and controlled by the subconscious mind.


Often, the mind tells us our  past experiences that have shaped us  are the truth, when in fact, the subconscious mind only  holds  our perception of the truth.

The subconscious mind also controls other functions in our body like breathing and heart beat.

Unless redirected by the all knowing wisdom of the soul, the subconscious mind will keep creating its limited data to keep us in survival mode & our comfort zone hat is void of joy.
3. The Super conscious mind symbolizes our higher self,  Soul or the God aspect in us. Now that is the space to create different realities and watch them manifest as separation does not exist on this level.

When we breathe, think, feel and act from the SOUL’S purpose, that is when we manifest true transformation and are able to meet the challenges of our lives with detachment, compassion, gratitude and JOY. As the Soul ‘s infinite wisdom, insights and  potential are unencumbered by the minds limitations and how we have come to define ourselves and lives.  A quiet mind allows access to this infinite power and adds a whole dimension of  joyful integrity. A real dimension that  that dissolves struggle.


Jeanette facilitates an amazing space to reconnect with source, and the rest just flows  peacefully like  gentle water.


Although the three levels of consciousness are independent of each other,  they do  function simultaneously. Transformation occurs when the three levels of awareness are thinking and acting alike. In reality, that is how we manifest our deepest, most meaningful experiences, joys  and successes. When our emotions are not resolved within a period of time then those emotions control us creating physical symptoms in the body we know  as dis-ease. The heavy imprint of anger can cause severe migraines, liver and vision problems. Stress, which is often undermined damages our nervous system contributing to Multiple Sclerosis and many other life debilitating  conditions. We know now that re -aligning our breath with our original self or DNA is a crucial component of true healing and empowerment. This in turn allows us to access the negative emotions that had stemmed from how we perceived our life experiences due to any kind of trauma. Through the awareness of these experiences, the subconscious patterns are brought up to the conscious mind in order to make sense of why we are stuck. It is from there we re connect with the source of all things through what we know as the superconcious mind, the more evolved aspect of us. This re-alignment with  our higher self is the  key to LIFE MASTERY.


Awaken the cellular memory to an empowered and successful self through the art of breathing




jeanettejeha_photo[1]Clients and friends who have had regression sessions with Jeanette  experienced big shifts and transformations in their personal, social and professional  lives. Many have reported that a true sense of uniqueness and empowerment continues to grow and manifest in deeply meaningful ways . Jeanette conducts Regression Sessions weekly through the Breath Force Energy Healing Space which is located in Applecross, Western Australia.a

Regression Session Cost: $150 per session, & sessions last an hour. All payments are to be made three days prior to the appointment.

Apart from the Perth clinic, Jeanette does distant sessions via phone and Skype.  Please note, there is an additional cost for phone sessions.

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