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Moon rise with eagle.
Eagle is the symbol of spiritual power, deep insight, freedom & transcendence


                                      Soul Recovery


SHAMANISM is a spiritual practice that dates back over 40,000 years. It is without a doubt the most ancient healing tradition in the world and was practiced at some point on every continent.. Shamanism  divinates healing information through the realm of spirit both of the earth and the other dimensions of existence.It is not religious. The shaman acts as  a medium between the spirit world and the physical. Shamanic practices symbolize the return of a person to their ancestral roots through nature’s wisdom. A SHAMAN travels to the non ordinary reality on behalf of themselves or another to obtain information, insight and healing. Shamanic practices continue to exist and bring through amazing shifts in consciousness because of their flexibility and ability to flow with the times. Shamans, be it Native American, Taoist, or Aboriginal see change as  part of nature. As we know, nature is  never static. True Shamanism is always, evolving to reflect the larger community’s needs and awareness. However, change does not take away from the authenticity of  their ancestral heritage.

the wolf teaches us to look within to understand the inner self through intuition ,faithfulness & spirituality. It also teaches us endurance & strength

The common factor amongst different shamanic practices around the world is the shamanistic journey. The shaman drifts into an altered theta state through a didgeridoo, a drum, a rattle or herbs… though, not always necessary. These travels can be to the upper world, the realm of spirit or the lower word into the heart of earth. For example the shaman can take a journey into  a crystal for the purpose of retrieving an aspect of the healing needed. Journeys can also  be made into the middle world in order to locate a lost object …In the old days, journeys into the middle realms assisted in bringing food for the hungry. Through the shamans ‘ sharp skills and  amazing connectedness, the hunters were able to feed the community.Humanity has advanced leaps and bounds since survival, still Shamanistic approaches to heading and evolution continue to be THE WAY  to living with Joy as we transcend the ordinary  and transform it tour lives to the magic of the extraordinary.

The Pelican totem, despite the pollution & Toxins of mankind, managed to survive , regenerate and engage as a team. Pelicans are extremely resourceful as they seem to carry the energy of reflection, determination and encouragement.

Animal symbolism plays a  major  role in shamanic healing practices as various cultures around the world have revered animals for their wisdom and adaptability throughout history. most importantly, the sacrifices animals make and the illnesses they take on to spare their owners and help unburden them keeps me in awe about the wisdom of nature. In my practice and personal life too, animals have been a huge gift and asset. Every time a client of mine or myself are going into big and uncertain changes, a beautiful spirit animal steps in to  lend its powerful insights into the next phase of our lives. From the crickets, birds, cats to rabbits and salamanders, the quality of help has proven  beyond the shadow of doubt profoundly effective. The non-agenda prescence and unconditional loving contribution as they walk us  through our mystical journey is sheer ALCHEMY! it is through the spirit animals heaven and earth intersect as we mortals  learn to engage both our heart and mind in order to thrive
Many of my journeys are done for people I have never met.  I remember being asked to assist  a little boy without any information given except that he had stopped eating… I strongly felt I needed to journey on his behalf. As soon as I closed my eyes, a five year old  appeared and started to communicate with me. His fear of  his mum finding out that his grand father had been molesting him every time they went to visit him overseas was so overwhelming . The level of anxiety was so consuming to the point where his sleep, appetite and movement were seriously compromised. The doctors at the time could not work out  what was wrong..Getting this sweet,  innocent boy  to communicate  his horror, shame and guilt was so profoundly healing as  we got to discuss  ways to deal with  the situation. Whilst journeying on the young boy’s behalf, I was told to look up the condition Hemophilia and was given a Rhodoscronite crystal to symbolically assist with the abuse. Little did I now about the crystal or the fact the boy bruised easily until much later. It was such a privilege to find out only four days later that he was eating, sleeping and actually engaging  in kids’ activates  outdoors.The unburdening freed up the spirit to access assistance as the boy’s other dead grandfather stepped in to journey with him into a safer and hopefully brighter future . The young boy continues to gather all aspects of his soul to thrive on his own unique journey into much more light. The awareness and assistance of his loved ones and many light workers he has attracted is indeed promising.

The beaut.y of this work lies within the truth that we all have equal access to the support around us.We just need to stay connected and BREATHE all that is God in Angels and forces of nature within and without.

 “If you talk to the animals, they will talk with you and you will know each other. If you don’t talk to them, you will not know them. And what you do not know, you will fear.. WHAT ONE FEARS, ONE DESTROYS.”





jeanettejeha_photo[1]Clients and friends who have had Shamanic Journeys  with Jeanette felt  they experienced huge shifts and transformations in their personal, social and professional  lives. Jeanette conducts Shamanic Journey  Sessions weekly through the Breath Force Energy Healing Space which is located in Applecross, Western Australia.

Shamanic Journeys Sessions cost: $150 per sessions, and sessions last an hour .Also, payment needs to be  made at least three days prior to the appointment.

Apart from the Perth clinic, Jeanette does distant sessions via phone and Skype.  Please note, there is an additional cost for phone sessions.

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