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Spiritual Healing is a gift from the source  of all life. It permeates through all living things. Spiritualists do not believe that the study of healing enables one to be a spiritual healer. Mastery and eligibility  come about through our connectedness to the spirit of all things around and within us. Acceptance and practice of the values of spiritualism makes a spiritual healer.




1. A Divine intelligence recognized as GOD

2. The brotherhood of man

3. Communion of Spirit and the ministry of Angels

4. The continuous existence of the human soul

5. Personal responsibility

6. Compensation and Retribution hereafter for all the good and awful deeds done on this Earth

7. Eternal progress open to every Soul


Spiritual healing involves the laying of hands and allowing forces and energies from the realm of spirit to move through us and manifest the healing. In other words, through our connection our Guides, Angels, loved ones and the many dimensions of  light in the higher realms of existence step in to bring forth what is for our highest good. No matter how much knowledge one gathers, the healer  will never see the whole picture.  We can assist in a much more profound way when we acknowledge that the healing is coming through us and not from us. Since most of my work is based on healing, I shall attempt to explain some of aspects of Spiritual healing.

Spiritual healing involves:  clairvoyance/clairaudience/clairsentience/mediumship, Channeling and Psychic surgery.




Psychic surgery and X- Ray vision combine physical and spiritual anatomy where the channel of this energy experiences sight both internally and externally. The state of the person conducting the healing  varies.Conscious channeling means the healer is in control of what the universal beings of light are communicating and can translate this wisdom and healing  into action.

Other states of psychic surgery exist  as well. For example, the healer can  go into a light, medium or deep trance to affect the healing needed. In the case of a deep trance, the vessel for the healing enters a state where the energies of light and healing take over and provide all that is needed for the recipient. I have been on the receiving and facilitating end of these gifts and so have many. I also had to go back to my doctors and present them with what happened when both my damaged   liver and lung problems seemed to have miraculously healed .

Nature_3d_Wallpaper___Wallpaper_wvrklHaving said all that, the root of all illness is a disconnect generally brought about by trauma, and patterns deeply rooted in events that altered our perception of God. The subconscious mind then starts to  reenact that disconnect from source within and without. That is why the consciousness work is vital in clearing these patterns so we can move past survival an experience the joys of existence.

When I first started to practice healing on people, I often was told that they felt as if they had surgery. After a while, more people were giving  me the same feedback, especially those who were scheduled to have surgery that I knew nothing of.  Having received what felt like surgery from spirit many times when I was very ill and was not given much hope by doctors, I was not surprised. I have also received psychic surgery through other mediums and each experience was very unique. Since then, I have been directed to study a lot about health and healing to balance my reliance on God  with more understanding of how the disease started. To be very truthful, I do not accept bookings for surgery.  If the  need for it comes up during any of the healing  sessions, especially BodyTalk, then I feel privileged to allow it. I never ever step into a healing session without  a prayer or an intent  for the highest to take place. The mystical journey we each have signed up for is not for any of us to control  by attempting to fix. what we perceive as a conflict or a problem. Again, the realization that the healing comes  through us and not from us is the most liberating feeling ever as it gets us out of any agendas and into the flow,that is the rhythm of the Highest Spirit.




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