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Jeanette Jeha

[quote author=”Mark Stevanos – Client”]Remarkable shift in all aspects of my life since the healing and the two regression sessions I l had with Jeanette in 2008.[/quote]
[quote author=”Eva M. – Student”]Through her own journey of personal responsibility, I have had the privilege of if I may say the quickening through this generous friend and teacher. I realized that I had to take charge of my own life and not rely on a healer, coach or any teacher to do it for me. Transformational and catchy indeed.[/quote]
[quote author=”Therese Gouskinian,WA – Client”]I had the pleasure of meeting Jeanette in Europe. Her amazing insight into my soul and the issues surrounding my illness have been a turning point in my life. I have since started my journey into much greater peace and fulfillment.[/quote]
[quote author=”Carole Fontaine,Geneva – Student”]I have found Jeanette’s workshops and Energy to be very clear. Her ability to move between the two worlds with ease and her appreciation of the richness of both heavenly and earth energy come through powerfully in her presence, teachings and healings.[/quote]

[quote author=”Rebecca”]I’ve been working with energies for over 10 years and and when it comes to healing there is no one I trust more than Jeanette. She is a very GIFTED LADY! [/quote]
[quote author=”lesley B – Student”]”I attend one of Jeanette’s Qigong classes and find her a brillaint teacher, she is gentle and caring and on the ball, helping me constantly get it right. her class is a joy and has helped my energy extremely. I have also had a healing session with Jeanette and it made me feel really grounded and clear, I would hightly reccommend her to anyone”.[/quote]


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