Starting FEBRUARY 14, Jeanette Jeha – Breath Force Energy Healing is proud to present ‘The Five Faces of God, MODULE 2: APPLICATION & THEORY.; Mechanics of Healing through The 5 rhythms of Creation & Manifestation.’


This seven week workshop sheds great insight on the myths surrounding health & thriving & offers practical tools to balance our soulful Body/Mind essence. It explores both the psychology & physiology of Healing from a mystical, shamanic and scientific perspective through the 5 Elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth & Metal.

Both theory & practice of medical& spiritual …Qigong is integrated with guided meditations to optimize wellbeing through Oneness.   Understanding that our physical body is made of the same electro- magnetic energies of the EARTH & that we embody the 5 elements of Nature within our physical body is a crucial part of any long term health & healing. Our 5 major organs carry mind aspects of the brain impacting all bodily functions. These aspects are aligned with Universal/Mystical laws. That is precisely why it is vital to gain insight into our thoughts & beliefs that take form in struggles and misdiagnosed illnesses. Unless we participate in this process of creation to cultivate a deeper awareness of what we are broadcasting, we will continue to experience life through our survival mind, and live according to its limitations and fear based instructions.

Date: February 14th, 2017

Time: 7- 8:30-9

Cost: $ 300 Payable in two installments of $150. Duration:  7 weeks Place: Applecross/ Ardross area.  Details revealed later.

Course cost is $300. Sign up now by calling Jeanette on 0409080658 or by emailing – places are limited!

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Ongoing Workshops


This communion is about creating a safe space to go within in order to gain a deeper understanding of the universal LAWS /VALUES that govern our Chakra systems , which in turn, govern the mechanics of  Integrated  Healing. We are cultivating  the language of the SOUL to better manage theses power centres & start thriving  independently of our personal circumstances. We do this through stages of Spiritual evolution. Some of which are highlighted below :

1. Identification of the subconscious  VICTIM  story  phase

2. Personal responsibility to CREATE, BROADCAST and MANIFEST that which is aligned with our higher purpose, rather than creating more of what we do not want. (without manipulation)

3.  SURRENDERING & ALLOWING  SOURCE: Through an act of surrendering to faith in  a unified field/universe, one is ACTIVATING CHOICE: Getting out of the way, becoming the  instrument or conduit for that we wish to experience  which is congruent with our unique SOUL SERVICE/EXPRESSION.

4.  THE GRACE STAGE: BEING SOURCE and Oneness with all. Infinite possibilities can be born from this stage of evolution.  We have left separation & returned to Being One with God/ Creation, The Tao.


Past Workshops

Whether you are looking to recalibrate your coping mechanisms, embrace an opportunity for self-reflection, or you are ready to create mindset shifts that enable real change and a new reality then the THRIVE! workshops will activate and inspire you.

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Do you feel stuck in “survival mode”, succumbing to feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and self-doubt?

 Are you keen to learn more about your inner world, in order to create your desired outer world?

 Are you hungry for more – more depth, more connection, more meaning to life?

 Would you like to join a nurturing community and learn tools for everyday life that support a new paradigm of wellness?

 Are you ready to step into new ways of being, accessing your abundant personal power?


Remember this: Every relationship you have mirrors the one you have with yourself. The story you tell yourself everyday determines whether you stay in survival mode or you start living with joy.

The THRIVE! workshops series offer massive insight as well as practical tools to get you up and thriving.

You may be aware that many of us on this Earth are now brought to a place of massive surrendering of all distorted perceptions. These perceptions keep us away from Joy, forever seeking the illusion of perfection with all the overwhelm, anxiety and lack of personal success that comes with it.

Since the mind directs the body and since we are the masters of our mind, then the only way we can THRIVE is by redirecting our survival mind through the language of the SOUL to Inspiration. The language of the soul is governed by the laws of the universe, which in turn are governed by unconditional love and a return to effortless JOY. These remain words, until we make internal decisions to take action & realign with who we truly are. This is when the magic happens.

Internal alchemy can only take place when we understand our energy anatomy and psychology. I will be running a 5 week series of workshops with Anita Fredericks starting February 24th. Our workshops combine breath, internal work and meditation to get you on the path of authentic, effortless participation in all life.

Join me and Anita for new and exciting beginnings.

Find out more and register online.







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